Preparing for your session!

Hi guys!

You’re thinking: Oh my goodness. I just booked a photoshoot and I have no idea what to wear, how to act or what to expect!

Here are some tips that will help you with getting ready for your shoot, and you get to read the photographers point of view of why all of this stuff is important! (Yay!)

1. What to Wear

Okay ya’ll. Your outfit choices are VERY important (that’s why its first on the list!)

  • First things first – do not wear any clothing with writing/big logos/crazy patterns. All of these things can be very distracting in photos – and let’s be honest, we want people to see your face and get to know who you are, not spend 30 seconds trying to see what brand of hoodie you’re wearing.
  • Simple colors are best – but avoid white in the winter!! I can’t stress it enough – white clothing and white snow = floating heads! In the winter, wear bright colors like red or blue. Or, wear black or grey, but add a pop of color, like a bright pink scarf or some bold red lipstick!
  • Wear only 2 or 3 colors MAX. If you are doing a family session, pick two colors (grey and yellow, for example.) Each member of your family should be wearing SOMETHING yellow or grey, even if you have to add another color. (Like a black shirt, with a yellow scarf.) Blue jeans don’t have to count as one of your colors.
  • Wear more than one color! If everyone in your family is wearing blue jeans with a black shirt, you may all start to look the same. An accent color is a wonderful way to show everyone’s unique styles!

2. How to Act

  • NATURAL! I know that you’re thinking “how do I ACT NATURAL in front of a CAMERA? She’s going to be all up in my face, taking pictures, making me pose…that’s not natural!”…..You are gravely mistaken. Yes, I will HELP you with posing. YES, I *might* be “up in your face”… but honestly, I live for the moments of laughter, the surprise forehead kisses, the kids all tickling each other… I want to get to know the real you, and to show the real you in your photos. Who would want to look at a family photo hanging on their wall and think “hmm.. we look good, but that’s not really us.” If you’re a silly family – BE SILLY! If you’re an awkward couple – BE AWKWARD! I want to show the real you!
  • Kiss for 3 seconds, at least! Okay, this may seem weird… If we are doing a couple session or engagement session, prepare to kiss on camera (unless you don’t want to – in which case, that’s totally fine) for a good 3 seconds.. otherwise, I end up getting pictures of “almost kisses” and duck lips! 🙂 Give me some time to work, y’all!
  • Do NOT let your insecurities get the best of you. I’m just going to leave that there. Honestly – don’t focus on the pimple that just appeared (thank you photoshop!) or the fact that you may still be carrying some holiday weight (you’re beautiful the way you are!). Don’t be concerned if your hair goes flat. Honestly – people let their insecurities get in the way of so many things. You will have fun memories to look back on later, and you’ll probably be thinking “look at how much fun we were having!” rather than “oh, one of my hairs is out of place.”

3. What to Expect

  • Expect a fun time! You should actually have fun at your session. You may have children, and they may be cranky. They may cry, they may not smile. So if you’ve had a hard time getting everyone ready – relax. I can handle it for you…there’s nothing worse than the whole family feeling stressed. You’d never guess that in the pictures below, we had one cranky toddler and it was FREEZING!
  • Expect great pictures! I have never had a session that didn’t end up with some great pictures. I mean, of course there are things that are beyond our control, like the weather… but I have never had to tell a family that I did not get ANY great photos! Expect to get a cute little flash drive with some wonderful pictures of you and the people you love!

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